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  • 許希賢

    Chen MC, Baskaran R, Lee NH, Hsu HH, Ho TJ, Tu CC, Lin YM, Viswanadha VP, Kuo WW, Huang CY

    cxcl2/cxcr2 axis induces cancer stem cell characteristics in cpt-11-resistant lovo colon cancer cells via gαi-2 and gαq/11. J Cell Physiol. 2019 Jul;234(7):11822-11834

  • 許自齊 陳明仁

    Tzu-Chi Hsu, Ming-Jen Chen

    Predominance of right colon location of diverticulosis has not changed in East Asia of Taiwan for over 20 years. Academia Journal of Scientific Research 7(6): 306-309 (June 2019) DOI: 10.15413/ajsr.2018.0309 .

  • 許自齊

    Tzu-Chi Hsu, Chi-Chuan Wang

    Cost minimization comparison of oral UFT/leucovorin versus 5-fluorouracil/leucovorin as adjuvant therapy for colorectal cancer in Taiwan. J Comp Eff Res. 2019 Jan;8(2):73-79.

  • 許希賢

    Hsu HH, Kuo WW, Shih HN, Cheng SF, Yang CK, Chen MC, Tu CC, Viswanadha VP, Liao PH, Huang CY

    FOXC1 Regulation of miR-31-5p Confers Oxaliplatin Resistance by Targeting LATS2 in Colorectal Cancer. Cancers 2019 Oct 16;11(10).

  • 林秉緯 許希賢

    Ping-Wei Lin, Hsi-Hsien Hsu, Ching-Kuo Yang, Chien-Kuo Liu

    Synchronous Quadruple colon cancer in an elderly patient: A case report and review of literature. International Journal of Gerontology 13 (2019) 365367


  • 許自齊 陳明仁

    Hsu TC, Chen MJ

    Presence of colon carcinoma cells at the resection line may cause recurrence following staping anastomosis. Asian J Surg 201810.1016/j.asjsur.2018.01.006

  • 許自齊 孫文俊 陳明仁

    Tzu-Chi Hsu, Wen-Chun Sun, Ming-Jen Chen

    Anastomotic leakage could be caused by regorafenib - a case report. Clin Med Rep, 2018

  • 許希賢

    Jeng LB, Kumar Velmurugan B, Chen MC, Hsu HH, Ho TJ, Day CH, Lin YM, Padma VV, Tu CC, Huang CY

    Fisetin mediated apoptotic cell death in parental and Oxaliplatin/irinotecan resistant colorectal cancer cells in vitro and in vivo. J Cell Physiol. 2018 Sep;233(9):7134-7142.

  • 林秉緯 *賴正大

    Ping-Wei Lin, Cheng-Ta Lai, Chien-Kuo Liu, Hsi-Hsien Hsu, Ching-Kuo Yang, Jian-Syun Chen, Wen-Chun Sun

    Self-expandable metallic stent (sems)as an alternative utility to resolve left side colonic obstruction. j soc colon rectal surgeon (taiwan)september 2018

  • 張良實 *楊靖國

    Liang-Shih Chang, Ching-Kuo Yang, WC Sun, YN Chen, JS Chen, CT Lai, PL Tsai, WH Leung, CK Liu, MJ Chen, HH Hsu

    Adult colonic intussusception. j soc colon rectal surgeon (taiwan)december 2018

  • 韓昇宏 *陳建勳

    Shen-Hung Han, Jian-Syun Chen, WC Sun, YN Chen, CT Lai, PL Tsai, CK Yang, WH Leung, CK Liu, MJ Chen, HH Hsu

    Caudal-to-cranial Approach for Laparoscopic Right Hemicolectomy MMH Experience. j soc colon rectal surgeon (taiwan)march 2018

  • 許希賢

    Hsu HH, Chen MC, Baskaran R, Lin YM, Day CH, Lin YJ, Tu CC, Vijaya Padma V, Kuo WW, Huang CY

    Oxaliplatin resistance in colorectal cancer cells is mediated via activation of ABCG2 to alleviate ER stress induced apoptosis. J Cell Physiol. 2018 Jul;233(7):5458-5467.

  • 孫文俊 劉建國

    Wen-Chun Sun, Hsi-Hsien Hsu, Hao-Che Liu, Chien-Kuo Liu

    Can mechanical bowel preparation with oral antibiotics reduce surgical site infection and anastomotic leakage rates following elective colorectal resections? Formosan Journal of Surgery. 51:1 2018.02

  • 梁偉雄

    Weng WH, Leung WH, Pang YJ, Kuo LW, Hsu HH

    epa significantly improves anti-egfr targeted therapy by regulating mir-378 expression in colorectal cancer. Oncol Lett. 2018 Nov;16(5):6188-6194


  • 許希賢

    Hsu HH, Chen MC, Day CH, Lin YM, Li SY, Tu CC, Padma VV, Shih HN, Kuo WW, Huang CY

    Thymoquinone suppresses migration of LoVo human colon cancer cells by reducing prostaglandin E2 induced COX-2 activation. World J Gastroenterol. 2017 Feb 21; 23(7): 1171–1179.

  • 陳明仁

    Yao-Jen Hsu, Yu-Wei Fu, Chin-Hung Wei, Ming-Jen Chen

    Intractable constipation in an adult with megarectosigmoid following repair of low-type anorectal malformation. Formosan Journal of Surgery.2017;50(1):40-43.

  • 許自齊 陳明仁

    Tzu-Chi Hsu, Chi-Hsin Lin, Fang-Ju Sun, Ming-Jen Chen

    Postoperative serum levels of interleukin-6 are affected by age in patients with colorectal cancer. International journal of gerontology June 2017 Volume 11, Issue 2, Pages 75–79

  • 許希賢

    Hsi-Hsien Hsu, YM Lin, CY Shen, Marthandam Asokan Shibu, SY Li, SH Chang, Chung Lin, Ray-Jade Chen, Vijaya Padma Viswanadha, HN Shih, and CY Huang

    Prostaglandin E2-Induced COX-2 Expressions via EP2 and EP4 Signaling Pathways in Human LoVo Colon Cancer Cells. Int J Mol Sci. 2017 Jun; 18(6): 1132

  • 許希賢

    Chen YP, Hsu HH, Baskaran R, Wen SY, Shen CY, Day CH, Ho TJ, Vijaya Padma V, Kuo WW, Huang CY

    Short-Term Hypoxia Reverses Ox-LDL-Induced CD36 and GLUT4 Switching Metabolic Pathways in H9c2 Cardiomyoblast Cells. J Cell Biochem. 2017 Nov;118(11):3785-3795.

  • 楊靖國

    Huang YJ, Yang CK, Wei PL, Huynh TT, Whang-Peng J, Meng TC, Hsiao M, Tzeng YM, Wu AT, Yen Y.

    Ovatodiolide suppresses colon tumorigenesis and prevents polarization of M2 tumor-associated macrophages through YAP oncogenic pathways. J Hematol Oncol. 2017 Feb 28;10(1):60.


  • 梁偉雄

    Weng WH, Leung WH, Pang YJ, Hsu HH

    Lauric acid can improve the sensitization of Cetuximab in KRAS/BRAF mutated colorectal cancer cells by retrievable microRNA-378 expression. Oncol Rep. 2016 Jan;35(1):107-16.

  • 孫文俊 *許自齊 陳明仁

    Wen-Chun Sun, Tzu-Chi Hsu, Ming-Jen Chen

    Successful nasojejunal feeding following resection for colorectal cancer in not easy to achieve. J Soc Colon Rectal Surgeon (Taiwan) 2016;27(3):132-138

  • 陳雨農 *許自齊 陳明仁

    Yu-Nung Chen, Tzu-Chi Hsu, Ming-Jen Chen

    Experience of Resection of Colorectal Polyps in Children. J Soc Colon Rectal Surgeon (Taiwan) 2016;27(3):127-131

  • 許希賢 梁偉雄

    HH Hsu, WH Leung, GC Hu

    Treatment of irritable bowel syndrome with a novel colonic irrigation system: a pilot study. Tech Coloproctol. 2016; 20: 551–557.


  • 蔡柏立 梁偉雄 賴正大 *劉建國

    Po-Li Tsai, Wei-Ju Su, Wei-Hung Leung, Cheng-Ta Lai, Chien-Kuo Liu.

    Neutrophil-lymphocyte ratio and CEA level as prognostic and predictive factors in colorectal cancer: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Journal of Cancer Therapeutics and Research. (2015 accepted)

  • 陳永誌 *許自齊 陳明仁

    Yung-Chih Chen, Tzu-Chi Hsu, Ming-Jen Chen.

    Comparison of abdominal and perineal resection for rectal prolapse. J Soc Colon Rectal Surgeon(Taiwan). (2015 accepted)

  • 許自齊

    Hsu TC.

    TEGAFIRI is an effective alternative regimen for the management of recurrent or metastatic colorectal cancer. Oncol Lett. 2015 Mar;9(3):1059-1064. Epub 2015 Jan 7.

  • 周育德 *許自齊 陳明仁

    Yu-Te Chou, Tzu-Chi Hsu, Ming-Jen Chen.

    Different Result of Restorative Proctocolectomy between Polyposis Coli and Ulcerative Colitis - A Single Surgeon's Experience: J Soc Colon Rectal Surgeon(Taiwan). 2015;26:51-56

  • 陳建勳 *劉建國

    Jian-Syun Chen, Chien-Kuo Liu.

    Sister Mary Joseph’s Nodule: Ascending Colon Cancer with Umbilical Metastasis. J. Cancer Res. Pract. 2015; 2(4), 319-324

  • 陳明仁

    Jason Shian-Ching Jang, Pei-Hua Tsai, An-Zin Shiao, Tsung-Hsiung Li, Chih-Yu Chen, Jinn Peter Chu, Jenq-Gong Duh, Ming-Jen Chen, Shih-Hsin Chang, Wen-Chien Huang.

    Enhanced cutting durability of surgical blade by coating with Fe-based metallic glass thin film. Intermetallics 2015;65:56-60

  • 陳明仁

    Shih-Ping Cheng, Chien-Liang Liu, Ming-Jen Chen, Ming-Nan Chien, Ching-Hsiang Leung, Chi-Hsin Lin, Yi-Chiung Hsu, Lie-Jen Lee.

    CD74 expression and its therapeutic potential in 1 thyroid carcinoma. Endocrine-Related Cancer. 2015 Apr;22(2):179-90.

  • 陳明仁

    Shih-Ci Ciou, Yu-Ting Chou, Yu-Ling Liu, Yu-Chin Nieh, Jeng-Wei Lu, Shiu-Feng Huang, Yu-Ting Chou,Li-Hao Cheng, Jeng-Fan Lo, Ming-Jen Chen, Ming-Chi Yang, Chiou-Hwa Yuh, Horng-Dar Wang.

    Ribose-5-phosphate Isomerase A Regulates Hepatocarcinogenesis via PP2A and ERK Signaling. Int J Cancer. 2015 Jul 1;137(1):104-15.

  • 陳明仁

    Tao-Yeuan Wang,Chien-Liang Liu, Ming-Jen Chen, Jie-Jen Lee, Pou Chu Pun,Shih-Ping Cheng.

    Expression of heme oxygenase-1 correlates with tumor aggressiveness and BRAFV600E expression in thyroid cancer. Histopathology 2015, 66, 447–456.

  • 2014年論文刊登

    • 許希賢

      Hsu HH, Kuo WW, Ju DT, Yeh YL, Tu CC, Tsai YL, Shen CY, Chang SH, Chung LC, Huang CY.

      Estradiol agonists inhibit human lovo colorectal-cancer cell proliferation and migration through p53. World journal of gastroenterology. World J Gastroenterol. 2014 Nov 28;20(44):16665-73.

    • 陳明仁

      Jian-Syun Chen, Ming-Jen Chen, Tzu-Chi Hsu.

      Diagnosis of Adjacent Organ Invasion and Results from En Bloc Extended Resection for Locally Advanced Colorectal Cancer. J Soc Colon Rectal Surgeon (Taiwan) 2014;25:92-100

    • 陳明仁

      Yuan-Ching Chang, Chien-Liang Liu, Ming-Jen Chen, Yung-Wei Hsu, Shan-Na Chen, Chi-Hsin Lin, Chin-Man Chen, Feng-Ming Yang, PhD, Meng-Chun Hu.

      Local Anesthetics Induce Apoptosis in Human Breast Tumor Cells. Anesthesia and analgesia 2014;118 (1):116–24

    • 陳明仁

      Jinn P. Chu , Tz-Yah Liu , Chia-Lin Li , Chen-Hao Wang , Jason S.C. Jang , Ming-Jen Chen , Shih-Hsin Chang , Wen-Chien Hung.

      Fabrication and Characterizations of Thin Film Metallic Glasses: Antibacterial Property and Durability Study for Medical Application. Thin Solid Films. 2014;561:102–107.


    • 賴正大 *許自齊

      Cheng-Ta Lai, Tzu-Chi Hsu.

      Surgical Treatment of Recurrent Colorectal Cancer in The Pelvis. J Soc Colon Rectal Surgeon(Taiwan). 2013;24:87-92


    • 許希賢

      Hsu HH, Liu CJ, Shen CY, Chen YJ, Chen LM, Kuo WH, Lin YM, Chen RJ, Tsai CH, Tsai FJ, Huang CY.

      p38alpha MAPK mediates 17beta-estradiol inhibition of MMP-2 and -9 expression and cell migration in human lovo colon cancer cells. J Cell Physiol. 2012 Nov;227(11):3648-60

    • 許自齊

      Tzu-Chi Hsu.

      Abdominoperineal Resection Without an Abdominal Incision for Rectal Cancer Has the Advantage of No Abdominal Wound Complication and Easier Stoma Care. Am Surg. 2012 Feb;78(2):166-170

    • 賴正大 *劉建國

      Cheng-Ta Lai, Chien-Kuo Liu*, Tzu-Chi Hsu, His-Hsien Hsu, Ming-Jen Chen, Wei-Hung Leung, Ching-Kuo Yang, Yu-Ting Hung.

      Anal Malignant Melanoma: A Case Report. J. Cancer Res. Pract. 2012;28(2),86-93

    • 許自齊

      Hsu TC, Huang TM, Yang YC.

      A surgeon's help with the management of bowel problems related to gynecology is truly needed - comparison of two periods spanning 24 years.Taiwan J Obstet Gynecol. 2012 Dec;51(4):612-5


    • 許希賢

      Hsu HH, Kuo WW, Ju DT, Yeh YL, Tu CC, Tsai YL, Shen CY, Chang SH, Chung LC, Huang CY.

      JNK suppression is essential for 17beta-Estradiol inhibits prostaglandin E2-Induced uPA and MMP-9 expressions and cell migration in human LoVo colon cancer cells. J Biomed Sci. 2011; 18(1): 61.

    • 劉建國 劉昌邦 梁清香 孫芳如

      Chien-Kuo Liu, Chang-Pan Liu, Ching-Hsiang Leung, Fang-Ju Sun.

      Clinical and Microbiological Analysis of Adult Perianal Abscess. J Microbiol Immunol 2011;44,204-208.

    • 賴正大

      Cheng-Ta Lai, Pi-Ling Chou, You-Meei Lin, John On-Nin Wong, En-Tien Yeh, Wei-Ju Su, Yuen-Liang Lai.

      Cancer Breakthrough Pain:Clinical Assessment and Management. Journal of Experimental and Clinical Medicine. 2011;3(6):272-277

    • 劉建國

      Chien-Kuo Liu.

      Colorectal Cancer Screening. J. Cance Res. Pract. 2011;27(1):3-9

    • 蔡柏立 *許自齊

      Po-Li Tsai, Tzu-Chi Hsu.

      Synchronous Colorectal Carcinoma. J Soc Colon Rectal Surgeon (Taiwan). 2011;22:139-145


    • 廖宣凱 *許自齊

      Endometriosis Inducing Complete Colon Obstruction Managed by One Stage Resection and Anastomosis. J Soc Colon Rectal Surgeon (Taiwan).2010;21:43-47


    • *劉建國 許希賢 鄭旭萌

      Chien-Kuo Liu, Hsi-Hsien Hsu, She-Meng Cheng

      Colonic Diverticulitis in the Elderly. International Journal of Gerontology. 2009; 3(1):9-15

    • 劉張惠泉 *許自齊

      Surgical and Nutritional Intervention of Crohn's Disease. J Soc Colon Rectal Surgeon(Taiwan).2009;19:20-25

    • 許自齊

      Combination Chemotherapy with Irinotecan and Oral Uracil-Tegafur for Recurrent or Metastatic Colorectal Cancer-Results of Different Regimens. J. Chinese Oncol. Soc.2009;25(4):254-261

    • 劉建國 張國明

      Massive bleeding from a ruptrued artery in jejunal diverticulosis without pre-existing mucosal inflammation or ulceration. Clin J Gastroenterol.2009;2(2):85-88


    • 楊靖國 *許自齊 王道遠

      Radiation-Induced Cancers of the Colon and Rectum-Analysis of Five Cases. J Soc Colon Rectal Surgeon(Taiwan).2008;19:41-46

    • 許自齊

      Tzu-Chi Hsu.

      Intra-Abdominal Lesions Could be Missed by Inadequate Laparoscopy. Am Surg.2008 Sep;74(9)824-826; discussion 827-828

    • 梁偉雄 陳明仁

      Transanal Local Excision of Rectal Malignant Neoplasms. J. Chinese Oncol. Soc. 2008;24(1)21-29

    • 劉建國

      Malignant Colorectal Polyps. J. Chinese Oncol. Soc.2008;24(4):217-228