Inpatient service

If admission is needed, your doctor in either outpatint clinic or emergency room will issue the admission certificate. When the room is available, please report in the Admission Center with your ID card/passport, insurrence card, and guarantor's card. The Transport personnel will help you to the ward to check in.

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General rules in the ward:

  • We offer bathroom kits for patients, for which a fee is charged. If you don’tneed it, please notify the nurses.
  • To avoid loss of your belongings, please do not bring valuable objects withyou to the hospital. Keep money and important documents with you at alltimes. If you need someone to provide patient care, please contact the nursing station.
  • In order to avoid disturbing other patients, please carry on conversations andother activities quietly.
  • Smoking and drinking are not allowed.
  • To avoid fire, electrical equipment is not allowed.
  • If applying for a hospital certificate, the patient's ID card or passport shouldbe given to the nurses.
  • If you have any suggestions or complaints, please call the Auditing Office[ext:3165].
  • If you would like spiritual care, please contact the nursing station.
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