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【狀況一】Situation 1
What you got is urticaria, or nettle rash. This is a kind of allergic dermatosis. Therefore, don’t eat any seafood in the next two weeks. Also, don’t eat food such as mangos or nuts which may worsen your allergy. 
Is there anything I have to watch out for? 
Don’t scratch when you feel itchy, as this will cause the skin to be totally scratched off and get infected. Don’t make the water too hot when you take a shower or a bath, because this will make your skin itchier. 
【狀況二】Situation 2
The milk spots (milias) on your face are an allergic reaction that might be caused by too much cold medicine which your body cannot metabolize. Stop all medicine you are taking now. To recover fully, you have to apply the prescribed ointment regularly.
How long will it last?
At least one week.
Gosh! It means I will look ugly for a whole week?


【狀況三】Situation 3
Could you please tell me what I should watch out for after getting cosmetic laser surgery?
Keep the wound away from water for the first three days after treatment. You can use wet towels to wipe your face. Use sterile cotton swabs with boiled water or hydrogen peroxide to clean affected areas, and apply the ointment prescribed by the doctor at least twice daily.


After about three days, the wound will have formed a scab. After that, the wound may get wet, but don’t touch or scratch the scab.
The scab will fall off in approximately five to ten days. At this time, the skin will look deep red. If the wound does not heal, keep applying the ointment to avoid infection, and don’t wear any make-up during that time. 
Also, avoid sunshine and don’t use suntan lotion. Wear a hat or use a sunshade when you go out for at least three months. 
If you feel pain, take some oral painkiller (analgesic) such as panadol. 
You will feel a scorching heat and some swelling for about one day after treatment. You can use cold boiled water on gauze or a towel with ice cubes inside on the wound to ease the pain. 

【狀況四】Situation 4
I keep getting acne. It’s really annoying. How can I prevent it?
Getting sufficient sleep is the best way. Don’t stay up late at night, avoid emotional situations or stress which may cause insomnia (sleeplessness), and get regular exercise.
Try to stay relaxed and happy, decrease emotional agitation and psychological pressure, and balance your diet.
If the situation gets worse, choose cosmetics, skin care products, and cleanser s which are suitable for acne. Wash your face once or twice daily. 
I get athlete's foot in summer. Is there anything I can do to prevent it ? 
Fungus grows easily in warm moist places. In modern society, people wear shoes all the time. Because shoes do not breathe and feet sweat in summer, fungus grows easily in the moist circumstances. That’s the reason why athlete's foot returns year after year for many people. But, when the winter comes, feet don’t sweat so much and become drier in the cold weather, so athlete's foot seemsto be cured without medicine. 
The best prevention is to maintain foot hygiene. Keep your feet dry to prevent fungus from growing. Therefore, dry your feet and the gaps between toes thoroughly after taking a shower or a bath or when your feet are wet for any other reason. Try to wear shoes which can breathe or sandals. 


Also, wear clean absorbent socks made of natural fibers instead of nylon or silk. Change them every day and alternate your shoes. Don’t walk barefoot, especially in public bathrooms, to prevent the spread of the fungus and the possibility of infection.
Use the ointment prescribed by your doctor regularly. Don’t stop using the   ointment before the infection has cleared up totally, as your athlete’s foot won’t be cured completely. That will also cause drug resistance.