Mackay Memorial Hospital

Department of Nursing


To be a Christian health care institution that will take care of people in need fulfilling our social responsibility while emphasizing medical research. We want to ensure that every patient receives comprehensive treatment of body, mind and soul as a way to demonstrate God's love, and eventually to complete our ministry's divine mission of medical evangelism.

Core Values

Smile, Warm, Attentive, and Caring. To encourage research in core areas while maintaining professional excellence to ensure continuous innovation and development.



Main Branch Hospital
92, Section 2, Chungshan North Road, Taipei, Taiwan
TEL: 886-2-25433535 ext. 2040
FAX: 886-2-25433535 ext. 3194

Tamshui Branch Hospital
45, Minsheng Road, Tamshui, Taipei
TEL: 886-2-8094661 ext. 2603
FAX: 886-2-8095400

Guidelines for Visitors

Observing the following guidelines for visitors will help provide a safe, convenient, and comfortable environment

If you have any suggestion for us, please offer connected information to ND Office (2543-3535 ext: 2040) or mail to